Scully Yoon
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MESSRS SCULLY.YOON was established on 20th July 1998 and commenced operations on 3rd August 1998. Our legal firm currently comprises 2 partners who are supported by 4 legal assistants and 5 support staff.

With our primary focus on integrity and professionalism, we strive to dispense sound legal advice and practical solutions to real-world problems. We provide our clients with a variety of good quality legal services through our corporate services, conveyancing, civil litigation and criminal law departments.

Our constant close attention to detail, combined with our vast resources and experience, are just some of the reasons why MESSRS SCULLY.YOON is the first choice of our clients. Here you will find our lawyers who do not just know the law, but equally important is that we as lawyers also understand business and the varying needs of our clients. We demystify the legal process and clarify the best options available to you as our client. We constantly strive to assist all of our clients to make highly confident, commercially driven decisions about their business based on the advice given by our firm.

As a matter of practice and policy, we cultivate and develop a close and continuing working relationship with you as our clients, where we seek to understand your needs and then deal with them accordingly based on our trademark personal touch. Through the years, experience has taught us to appreciate the personal relationship between lawyer and client which is absolutely fundamental, forming the bedrock of any business relationship whereby we consistently adopt a pro-active approach to working with our clients in order to provide specially customised solutions for our clients in every situation.

Today, we are proud to provide continuing quality services to a number and variety of banks, financial institutions, property developers, multi-national corporations, companies, partnerships and businesses whereby our involvement includes highly specialised legal and corporate consultations. We believe with the future ever evolving and business landscapes transforming rapidly, we have all the necessary skills and expertise to meet any challenges ahead together with you as our clients as we are ever flexible and responsive to the changing needs of the business world today.